We love Potatoes

Blog by Optima

And more importantly we love Branston. We have worked with them since December 2000 starting with their Brand and through to their award winning Liveries.

As they work in the extreme business of potato growing this time of year we start rolling out campaigns and information that all leads through to Potatoes 2013 - the Industry showcase in November.

One of the largest buyers, packers and distributors of potatoes in the UK, also the main supplier to Tesco. Branston is 45 years old and still growing, not just with fresh and processing potatoes but also with a great range of innovative ready to cook prepared vegetables for retail and food service customers.

Optima work with Branston across web, print, brand development, exhibition, product packaging, lorry liveries, corporate presentations, apps, video and photography. It is sometimes the least prioritised jobs that  lead to really creative pieces that can create a talking point in the business, their industry and with the public. We have created packs of baking potatos to entice students onto Branston's Graduate programme, produced suites of mugs to keep the staff and visitors engaged and we took the blank canvas that was originally their liveries to award-winning status.

We work very hard with the development team at Branston to bring their products to life for their conversations and presentations to Tesco. Taking a piece of packaging and creating life-like mock-ups and 3D renders helps them communicate benefits, processes and ultimately what they can achieve for their client. We help them break down barriers and makes things happen.

“Optima are well respected across all levels of our business. They just get on with whatever we throw at them while we get on with our day job. Optima will always deliver. I trust them implicitly.”
Jo Parish, Tesco Account Director, Branston