New brand and literature for the Lincolnshire Showground

Blog by Optima

Optima have been working with the Lincolnshire Showground since before Christmas on their Identity and materials. The new identity and literature all looks fantastic. We are looking forward to seeing it start to roll out at this years show and through the next 2 years.

We created the Lincolnshire show Logotype in 2005 but many of the other elements have not been aligned and the the "holding" companies brand - Lincolnshire Event Centre has  taken precedent. This has led to some confusion as to where and what the Events Centre is whilst the Lincolnshire public have always called it "The Lincolnshire Showground". Our first task was to look at the naming and hierachy of the venue and its events and facilities. The Showground itself had no logotype or identity and yet other elements such as the Lincolnshire Agricultural Society, who reside on the Showground, did. Many of these elements appear with each other alongside each other and are a part of each other so the style needed to match, balance and complement each other.

Having achieved the correct hierarchy and discussed and formulated the correct context for each element (some were mere tweaks and font changes) the overiding new identity has come together very well, encompassing all the key elements that are part of the showgrounds DNA - Agriculture, the proximity to Lincoln, the Agricultural Society, sustainability, celebrations and livestock. These were woven into the logotype and also then deconstructed into a complimentary illustration.

On completion of the identity we have started to apply it, initially to their key sales brochure that is the Showground Showcase, designed and written in a magazine format to tell the stories of key event the Showground host - to inspire the reader to take a closer look at the venue. We have made a feature of the infographics, inspired by the venues identity and the document is printed on sustainable recycled stock to match the Showground's brand values.

The feedback so far has been fantastic  - "We wanted to create a fresh, contemporary yet elegant image for the Showground, but had the issue in solving our brand identity crisis which had become apparent. Having worked with Optima in the past I knew they would be the best agency in Lincoln to help us. Re-branding is never easy but the end result Optima gave us was absolutely stunning, and we have had such a positive response. We are absolutely delighted!" Niki Shepheard - Business Development Manager