Wimpy Braille Burgers

Blog by Optima

Many many thanks to Geoff Ramm who showed this to me yesterday at the Marketing Forum. It truly inspired me as did many of the things he showed the audience as OMG marketing campaigns. I mainly want to show this to my team to inspire them as it inspired me... Thanks again @GeoffRamm!

The story - before you press play - is set in South Africa, at Christmas, where Tienkels Gouws and her sister visited a world famous burger chain with a gold and red logo... After ordering her meal she sat down to eat, but then a member of staff told her she had to leave.

"Why?" she asked.

"Because you can't bring a dog in here" they replied.

"But this is my Guide Dog" she said...

The staff didn't listen and refused to let her stay.

Another big company, Wimpy, picked up on this. They decided that they should not only make sure blind people knew they were welcome in their restaurants, but they also had a braille menu produced for each restaurant for blind customers. Brilliant... but then they went a step further to help spread the message. Watch this…

I love this because it fits so well with how we think as a creative business and how we should all think. It takes an opportunity and uses creativity to really make the message spread. I would say I'm lovin’ it but that’s not right at all now! But I do think it is great communication. Thanks again Geoff.